5 staff rejects contract www.skillya.net offer Article:Wnem tv 5 employees protest outside saginaw studio in ongoing labor dispute Saginaw, mi members of the national association of broadcast employees and technicians advertising workers of america, afl cio home 54048, which connotes wnem tv 5 employees, have voted down the latest contract offer from those fantastic tv station and are organizing a campaign to make the jordans shoes for girls community and advertisers aware of the labor dispute, in a news release. "Wnem's latest contract proposal would severely sacrificed(Sic)Workers' tons of employment opportunities, retirement life security, work legal system and reduce on air employees to 'at will' employment status, zara maldonado, director of nabet cwa local 54048, stated in the discharge. "Based on meredith's economic success only just, our members deserve even better, Negotiate on prices for a new contract began nearly 18 months ago.I would say some sort of Current contract finishes sunday, november.3, Following extended Which april 30, the discharge states. The union is preparing a corporate campaign aimed at making town and wnem advertisers fully aware of the labor dispute, the discharge states.The union also is calling on wnem to negotiate in good faith for a contract that recognizes the positive effects its members have made to the station's success. Friendly blog:Red wings face defending champion blackhawks for beginer since game 7 last springeditorial:Brazen tactics by open carry advocates do little to spur peaceful debategretchen whitmer:Agema condemnations 'mere lip service' until republicans backing gay rightsdetroit lions oc joe lombardi:Matthew stafford certainly not broken.