2 Million To Help Refugees surging Into Jordan Save the canada is providing access to education and other support to 9, 000 syrian and jordanian children living in overloaded host communities. Handicap international is addressing instant health and protection needs of 7, 000 syrian refugees in nike air nike test and lebanon.It is working with more vulnerable, such as middle aged people and people with injuries, problems, and chronic complications. The money will also pay for a canadian expert to work with unicef in working with the refugees. Since present cards 2012, canada has provided more than $48 million for humanitarian assistance in syria and adjoining countries, the costa rica government says. "Canada continues to support the efforts of our humanitarian partners to address the requirements of displaced syrians across the region, ted menzies, minister of state for money, said in a news get. "Canada commends jordan and other adjoining countries for taking in so many displaced families, going for safety and the hope of returning home one day, Contemplating early 2011, unrest in syria has driven around 1.4 million individuals to seek refuge in Jordan, Lebanon, Irak, Chicken and Egypt. Around 6.8 million many, Close to a third of the Syrian amount, Require humanitarian assistance inside the country. Up to now, the continued fighting is believed to have killed about 80, 000 people and in pain thousands of others. March 2011:120Thousands of Syrians rally to show their support for us web design manager Bashar al Assad, Who is facing unparalleled domestic pressure amid a wave of dissent, In Damascus to March 29 2011. (Anwar amro/afp/getty videos) April 2011:820A protestor burns a portrait of Syrian President Bashar al Assad during an exhibition after Friday prayers on April 29 2011 in Istanbul against the regime of al Assad and the deadly crackdown on opposition protests. (Bulent kilic/afp/getty designs) Can 2011:850A veiled woman participates a protest calling on Syria's President Bashar Assad to step down, While watching United Nations headquarters in Amman, On may perhaps perhaps 21 2011. (Khalil mazraawi/afp/getty pics) June 2011:1, 000Syrian refugees arrive to a make shift camp in the northern city of Idlib, Around Syria, Upabout June 13 2011. (Mustafa ozer/afp/getty visuals) Static a static correction:A youthful version of this caption placed the city of idlib in turkey.Idlib is either syria. July 2011:1, 600Thousands of pro regime Syrians wave their national flag and portraits of lead designer http://www.duringmeal.com/ Bashar al Assad during a rally in Damascus on July 17 2011. (Louai beshara/afp/getty illustrations or photos) September 2011:On average 2, 000 people hold pictures of syrian president bashar al assad and fallen libyan strongman muammar gaddafi as they take part in an exhibition gathering activists opposed to syria's regime of president bashar al assad on august 28 2011 at taksim square in istanbul. (Bulent kilic/afp/getty artwork) Sept 2011:2, 700A national flag hangs on a statue of Syria's late president Hafez al Assad at the doorway of the flashpoint city of Homs on August 30 2011, As rights activists reported widespread anti regime protests across Syria on the very first day of the feast marking the end of Ramadan. (Frederick eid/afp/getty images) November 2011:3, 000Supporters of Syrian ceo Bashar al Assad wave Syrian flags during a pro regime cheap jordans shoes rally in Damascus on October 12, 2011.Assad's regime is facing unusual pressure amid a violent crackdown on anti government protests that broke out in march across syria. (Louai beshara/afp/getty representations) The fall of 2011:Above and beyond 4, 000syrian members of the military carry on november 26, 2011 the coffin of a comrade apparently killed in an ambush by an armed group in the flashpoint syrian city of homs. (Afp/getty imagery) December 2011:In excess of 5, 000free syrian army captain referred to as ahmed al arabi sits in a safe house near wadi khaled on the lebanese syrian border on december 30 2011. (Si mitchell/afp/getty visions) Economy is shown 2012:7, 100Free Syrian Army fighters take position in a house on the Lebanese Syrian border till you nighttime operation on January 2 2012. (Si mitchell/afp/getty designs) January 2012:7, 500A Turkish correspondent in Ankara, Holds pictures of two newspaper writers, French photojournalist Remi Ochlik and Sunday Times reporter Marie Colvin, Killed in an alleged rocket attack by Syrian regime forces against a makeshift opposition media center in the besieged city of Homs in Syria last month 22 2012. (Adem altan/afp/getty artwork) March 2012:Very 8, 000a defected syrian jewellry, now a person in the free syrian army, stands outside a mountain outpost near the village of janudieh in the northern state of idlib on march 20 2012. (Str/afp/getty photo files) April 2012:About 9, 000syrians pray over the groups of syrian violence victims at a funeral in the northwestern town of kafr zeta on april 10, 2012. (Afp/getty data) Might 2012:Higher than 9, 000a general view shows the syrian flag flying next to destruction in the bab amro vicinity of homs on may 2 2012. (Paul eid/afp/gettyimages) June 2012:14, 000A Syrian man carries a wounded girl next to Red Crescent ambulances following seven people that targeted a military bus near Qudssaya, A local community of the Syrian capital, In June 8, 2012. (Afp/gettyimages)