'Bath salts' ruled out Mayfield a woman whose dead body was found june 4 in a remote section of the town didn't have synthetic"Bath salts"Drugs in her system, but she did consume alcohol before her death, fulton county district attorney louise sira said today. Sira said brent s.Alling sr.Husband of the deceased kathryn jackson alling remains a suspect in her death. The district attorney anticipates that pending additional autopsy results, she will bring the case to a fulton county grand jury later this year, possibly by december. The grand jury will examine the"Circumstances of death"And decide if anyone will be charged, sira said. Sira said she received toxicology results on the 54yearold kathryn jackson alling.Her naked, bruised and dead body was found the morning of june 4 on remote tyrrell road by town employees Dresses Australia collecting garbage. Sira said she met with mrs.Alling's son, mario javarone, on friday to go over the case. Brent alling's Party Dresses Online attorney, robert abdella of gloversville, today had no comment. After the discovery of kathryn alling's body, fulton county sheriff thomas lorey labeled brent alling, 42, of 127 delaney road, a person of interest in the case. Sira today said toxicology screening of kathryn jackson alling came back negative for bath salts.Michael sikirica.Sira said the cause of death still hasn't been determined.