Letters bush heads for dubious fiscal variation In a may 9 most visited page story("Bush set for tax cut a story"), The Inquirer borne in mind that congressional Republicans, By passing her tax cut plan, Would put leader Bush"To gop pantheon of tax cutting presidents"Collectively with ronald reagan. This article fails to mention, although, that bush are usually joining reagan in another fiscal pantheon the one reserved for presidents who southsimcoeea have set records for budget deficits and national debt during their tenure. By corroborating tax cuts for the wealthy and lavish military spending, director reagan generated a record $211 billion budget deficit in 1985 and left office with a record $2 trillion national debt that had ballooned from $900 billion in eight years. Just halfway through his first term, bush has posted a record budget deficit greater than $300 billion(Not counting the values of the war in iraq)And is presiding over a state debt of $6.5 trillion that's growing at the rate of $1.13 million a day since sept 2002. I don't know where these pantheons would be erected, but anybody ever gets around to building them, i probably wouldn't count on a heavy tourist trade. Walt j.He Gov.Rendell calls countless pennsylvania's doctors"Passionate"With caps on wrongful death awards.It seems to me that he is the one who is obsessed obsessed with protecting the millions upon huge amounts of money that flow into the pockets of trial lawyers from obscene jury awards and out of court settlements.These awards are not only from wrongful death cases but also from thousands of other cases where unjustified and unacceptable awards for punitive damages are made. Rendell's obsession stems from his obligation to the trial attorneys who contributed vast amounts to his campaign for governor, consist of some from the law firm for which he"Been"While through jobs. Okay.Vernon kinseyalways on sound the alarm In reference to the present"Orange inform"I present suggestions: A suitable)There have Cheap Pandora Jewelry invariably been the ignorant, silly and insane. P)The manhattan project the pandora's box of nuclear warfare was completed during the summer http://www.turismoinrussia.com/pandora-flowers-charms.html time of 1945. T)Every day as being the first atomic bomb was completed, our country and indeed other world should have been on"Orange vigilant, It's about time people pulled their heads out of the sand and pandora charms:http://www.turismoinrussia.com/ realized that the potential for a weapon of mass destruction being used against us is not new.It was there before sept.11, 2001, And continues until all the humans on the planet are killed by them. Death penalty admirers Lso are also:Jane eisner's may 20 line,"No problem encouraging death penalty, I applaud art critic edward sozanski's argument for keeping the barnes foundation's library in its present home("Relocation seems sensible, but this wrong, may also 4). The property, reasons, placement of art and myriad other details set out by dr.Albert barnes himself are why is the barnes experience unique.The fact the pew charitable trusts, the lenfest fund and the annenberg foundation would cheaply support a move to the benjamin franklin parkway, but not aid the muse in maintaining itself in its rightful, legal house, is a shame to arts funding. The barnes board should stay in keeping with its purpose.Its charge is not to supply with another tourist attraction.It is defend and support the vision and legacy of albert barnes.