Apple ipad tablet 64gb The best way to experience the web, email, photos, and video.Hands down.All of the builtin apps on ipad were designed from the ground up to take advantage of the large multitouch screen and advanced capabilities of ipad.And they work in any orientation.So you can do things with these apps that you can do on any other device.A large, highresolution ledbacklit ips display.An incredibly responsive multitouch screen.And an amazingly powerful appledesigned chip.All in a design that thin and light enough to take anywhere.Ipad isn just the best device of its kind.It a whole new kind of device.9.7inch(Diagonal)Ledbacklit glossy widescreen multitouch display with ips technology, 1024by768pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch(Ppi).Wireless and cellular 3g:Umts/hsdpa(850, 1900, 2100 MHz)Gsm/edge(850,900, 1800, 1900 MHz), Data only2, WiFi(802.11a/b/g/n), Bluetooth 2.1 + great deals on dresses uk EDR technology.Like the ipod, i have used it more than i thought and i especially love it for traveling.I make a living online and it important for me to be able to get online when needed, but i hate that i always had to carry around a laptop.No more! With more and more applications being webbased, i found that i have just about all i need right out of the box.A few additions, like a password management program, and i was good to go. Typing is easier than i expected.It good for a quick trip, where i just have to check email or bank account stuff.That mostly what i use this for.If you are a hardcore computer person, your results may vary. Not having to pack a huge laptop when i travel Reading books and newspapers The simple, ipodlike games are a nice diversion Being able to stay connected while living my life away from the computer By jaffrey w.Ali(Mclean, va united Wedding Dresses states) Like many others, i too was faced with the delimma of buying a netbook v.An ipad. I spent a lot of time researching the products and spent my $ buying bothAn ipad and what I consider to be the very best netbook on the market today The Sony Vaio X (Unfortunately, sony has just stopped selling the vaio x! ). Let me clarify up front that the ipad simply blows away each and every netbook you see in stores like best buy in the sub $500 range.Whether it is design, performance or build quality you regret buying one of those netbooks for an ipad.So here is my sony vaio x v.Ipad comparison. Ipad 64 gb wifi:699(3G wasn available).But equivalent pricing for features would be + $130(For 3g)+ $ 40(Case since the screen on the ipad is exposed)+ $30 for VGA connector + $30 for SD card + usb adapter = $930(Still missing camera). Sony vaio x(64 GB):$1299(Includes verizon 3g inbuilt) Advantage:Depends(Personally i prefer win 7 for most things) 3.Design:Surprisingly in terms of weight and thickness both are about the same.However, the carbon fiber body on the vaio x is gorgeous!The vaio x is not like any other netbook in terms of how it is built. Advantage:Tablet v.Traditional notebook.Again, tablet Bridesmaid Dresses UK is better for media and web browsing.Traditional for productivity software like ms office. 4.Battery: The Vaio comes with a standard 2 hourBattery which is blown away by the over 10 hours on the ipad. However, the Vaio also includes a 12 hour extendedBattery. But thisBattery increases the weight of the Vaio to 2.5lb, making it about an inch thicker(At its widest)And a pound heavier than the ipad. Advantage:Slightly to the ipad, unless you don care about the extra 1 lb weight added by the xl vaio battery. 5.Features:Vaio wins this hands down with much better array of expandable memory slots, 2 usb ports and ethrnet cable slot and included vga port, front facing camera and ability to connect an optical drive if needed(I have a super slim usb powered dvd drive).The ipads biggest advantage is the app store, which is more of a software rather than hardware feature. 6.Screen:Ipad ips lcd wins this one hands down. On paper the larger, higher resolution LED backlighting Vaio looks more impressive, but the better viewing angle and high quality glass on the ipadScreen makes it much easier to read text and watch movies etc. 8.Others:While the ipad gets a lot of attention, so does the vaio x.The fan on the vaio x can be a little distracting when it is on.Overall if i think of the intangibles such as the variety of apps on the app store, the speed at which you can turn on the device and start browsing the web, the email client, the photo viewer app etc etc ipad is just a much more compelling device.Last but not least the ipad simply destroys the vaio or any netbook when it comes to gaming!The ipad is an amazing gaming device.If you haven tried it missing something. My final analysis:If i didn have an iphone or ipod touch i say this would be a no brainer.The quick access to email and the internet when compared to a netbook like the vaio x is just too great of an advantage for me.When you have to wait for a device for 60 seconds to wake it up from hibernation and remember to put it to sleep so that it does not drain the battery it just not as convenient as the ipad.Also the screen on the ipad is just amazing i own both an iphone and an ipod touch.Therefore for me the vaio x is a more useful device.I also have an ebook reader, so while the ipad is a fantastic ebook reader it would be duplicating another device that i already have.I have decided to return my ipad(I am a day away from the 14 day return period)And it will cost me $70 for re stocking and another $50 or so i spent on ipad apps.Hopefully, i be able to use some of these apps when i upgrade to ios4 in the near future.But $120 was the price i had to pay to know for sure that i don need an ipad(Right now).Of course if my vaio x were to die, i get an ipad in a heart beat