A voice for Pandora Glass Beads children with special needs A http://www.afour.co.uk/pandora-charms.html voice for children with special needs Marianne h. "Mimi"Geib Pandora Sale UK represents herself as"Just a mom who consider using any means for her child, her youngster, taylor, was identified as having autism when he was 4 years old, and he will be 10 on memorial service day. "Double numbers.I can get it, she acknowledged. "Taylor investigation did not come as a surprise, geib being spoken,"But how much it didn matter was surprising.Taylor autism means everything and nothing on top of that.The things are all what i have to fight for to get taylor what he needs, and the absolutely few things are it doesn change our love for our child, With taylor autism, geib life has gone in a direction she never thought. "My world is totally enclosed in special needs kids, she says. "I work in special education in the hempfield school district and i am on the steering committee for the hempfield partners for outstanding children, a group of parents and school administrators who partner up to provide online resources and solutions, Geib, associated with mountville, also helps other families in the same situation. "I am a go to girl when a family gets an autism identification and needs to know where to turn for help.I offer a lot of my time to schreiber pediatric rehab center, where i am the leader of the games committee for the annual rubber duckie race, When talking of taylor, geib is open. "Because of taylor limited verbal abilities i have had to be taylor voice through the years.Getting a break for him, i have a lot to say and am unafraid to say it,